• Are the plants toxic/dangerous to pets/humans?

    As I’m sure you can appreciate some plants may be harmful to humans or animals in excess.  Prior to placing your order, we recommend that you look at our website and research the various plants that we offer yourself to hopefully find something suitable for your needs.

  • Help, the plants do not look anything like I expected! Is one dead?

    Home >> Customer Support >> Order Issues >> Help, the plants do not look anything like I expected! Is one dead? This section applies to all plants purchased outside of their main season of interest – such as those that are not in bloom or are dormant on arrival. It…

  • Issues with Sago Palms

    Sun Scorched Inadequate irrigation may result in dry, scorched leaves, particularly for newly planted sago palms or plants growing in full sunlight.Water regularly throughout the growing season.  Frost damage This can also result in brown tips. In severe cases, fronds may wilt and drop prematurely. We would recommend your palms…

  • Issues with Buxus

    Dehydration Buxus can easily become dehydrated if not watered regularly (particularly during hot weather).We recommend giving each buxus tree a bucket of water each everyday in hot weather. Many people believe that these plants do not need water if it rains, however, they often don’t get much hydration if situated…

  • Roses which are bare root / dormant

    If you either purchase bare root Roses from us then they will have recently been taken out of cold storage and will be in a dormant state. They will not wake up until they are planted out and given a good watering.  If they are cared for appropriately afterwards (i.e….