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Customer Support Centre

Important Delivery Information

If you’re awaiting delivery of an order you’ve placed and have come here to query when it will arrive please note the following:

We aim to dispatch all orders within 3-5 working days, but please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch during the peak spring season or around public holidays when couriers do not operate and we are unable to ship. 

Houseplant shipments will not be made during frosty periods of weather in winter, and where these occur, we will hold off shipping a few days until temperatures lift sufficiently to ensure the plants arrive with you in good condition – therefore, at certain times these deliveries may take longer than 3-5 working days. This will be governed by the weather and we will ship as soon as it is safe to do so. We apologise in advance for any delay in shipment due to the weather, and thank you for your patience during such times – we feel it much better to ensure you’re happy with good quality plants arriving a little slower, than having issues to contend with due to a frosted delivery.

If you are waiting on an order, don’t panic, it will arrive in due course and we thank you for your patience.

There is no need to contact us to chase up your delivery unless you’ve received a courier tracking number over 72hrs ago and your items have not arrived.

Please note your items may be dispatched separately, so please do not worry if you have not received all of your order. There is no need to contact us and the remainder will follow in due course.

Other queries?

If you have another query, please be sure to search our Knowledge Base using the search box above, as we’ve already prepared a wealth of information relating to gardening hints and planting tips, to specific queries we received about particular plants and orders placed here. 

Please do note the above information regarding deliveries or orders at this time. Multiple public holidays do slow the process where we want plants to be of the best quality and as fresh as possible when they arrive with you.  Should you still have a query, please use our contact form found below.

Contact Form:

Please read the following information before using our contact form:

  • Important – Please check our FAQs below before contacting us as we may have already answered your query
  • Spam – Please only submit once per query. Submitting multiple times can cause our system to mark your message as spam and your query may be missed.
  • Delivery – Check the delivery information above if you have a query about an awaiting order.
  • Please attach photos if you are contacting us about a product; these may be required to support you further. When adding photos of your plants, please ensure they are unpacked and in full
  • If you are contacting us about an order – please add your order reference number when messaging us

Welcome to our customer support centre & frequently asked questions.

We look forward to assisting you soon. This facility is also available within your Gardening Express customer account area.

Please note we will need to be notified within 14 days of any issues with your received order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make some recommendations for my garden and suggest any plants?

It is very difficult to make recommendations to our customers regarding plant choices, selections and plant development. As I am sure you can appreciate this is dependent on a variety of factors such as personal preference, soil conditions, weather variation and individual garden locations.

However, we do have a collection of documents looking at garden styles, care guides, monthly gardening jobs, general gardening advice & guides, plants for garden conditions, plant recommendations, our top 10 plant lists & AGM plants. All of these documents have been created to support customers in their pre and post purchase experience and help with plant care advice, but please note that every garden has different conditions so there is not a one size fits all for these guides.

Will you be getting any more in? I missed out on a plant offer!

Unfortunately, some items will be out of stock or be removed from the site altogether if discontinued. Please be advised that our Customer Care team cannot tell you when a product will be back in stock.

Tip – We often take repeat deliveries of popular products, or often we will leave them on the site to be reserved for the following season.

When an item is out of stock, there is an option on the product advert to add your email address. Then as soon as we add new stock, you will be notified.

Alternatively, you can always keep checking the site to see if your desired item becomes available again.

Or, in the case of special plants, order in advance to enable stock to be reserved for you and enable us to send it as soon as it is available.

You will find the general delivery periods stated throughout the site, although these are, of course, subject to stock and seasonal availability/weather.

I would like to speak to someone on the phone, please could I have a phone number?

Gardening Express is an online only business, which means we do not operate a telephone support service or order line.

In our surveys, customers have advised us that they value our great prices for quality plants above anything else. By not operating a phone line, we are able to pass the savings we make as a business directly back to you.

This does not mean you can not get in touch with us, but does mean that in order to offer you incredible plants at incredible prices our customer support team are more productive and can answer more queries each day by interacting with you via our email system. You can email us at ineedhelp@gardeningexpress.co.uk

Help us to help you, when contacting us ALWAYS give us your order reference number (if your query relates to a specific order).

Do you have a Shop? Do you do wholesale?

No, we do not have a shop and we do not offer wholesale. We are a UK based Internet Retailer.

How do I contact Gardening Express?

The main way to contact us is by emailing us at ineedhelp@gardeningexpress.co.uk. This is accessible both within your customer account area and also on our contact us page. 

For anything to do with your order when emailing us please ensure you include your order number with your enquiry. Before raising a query please bear in mind the following:

  • During peak season (which can vary depending on weather etc…) each year the number of support queries we receive will naturally increase, so wait times may be increased. Please be assured we are keen to help and will assist you as soon as we are able to.
  • If you have a question regarding a received order which involves a damaged plant or plant that is not as expected. You can save time by preparing some photos to send to us when we are online. Alternatively you can send photos to ineedhelp@gardeningexpress.co.uk

Gardening Express Varieties of Plants within a Collection

Our collections are always as advertised, and do state these can be of a mixed variety. The mix can indeed include the varieties as those mentioned in the advert details.

These are examples of the plants available in our large and extensive collection. All of which are of a superior quality, and are detailed as per the example description details provided.

We currently have numerous varieties within our collections and whilst we do our best to ensure no two of the same plants are supplied it is very difficult for us to either cater for individual preferences or make changes to the collections on offer. Please be aware of this to avoid disappointment if you are expecting specific variety(ies).

Are all items in stock? If they are not, when will they be?

Any item available to order on our website will be in stock on our nursery here in the UK and shipped within our standard delivery time frame should you choose to go ahead and order.

If you are unable to add the item to the basket, we will be out of stock and awaiting fresh crops to be ready on our nursery.

We do have thousand of fresh plants available from different batches every week, so simply complete the ‘Notify Me’ box on any product you would like but are unable to order at present and we will send you an email to let you know once they are back in stock and released for ordering and shipment.

I need more information about a product

We include as much information as possible about a product on the product page itself. Usually, more detailed information like product sizing and materials can be found towards the bottom of the page.

If you need more detailed information, please check out our Knowledge Base within the contact section of our website.

National Garden Gift Vouchers

With regret at present we are unable to accept National Garden Gift Vouchers. This is something we are currently investigating, and so would recommend you please keep an eye on our website for further details.

In the meantime, if you are interested in ordering one of our Special Deals we do recommend you do not delay as these are only available whilst stocks last. 

I was wondering why you can’t use the Aloe vera plant as anything more than display?

You can use these for any purpose you wish, and there are many well known uses, but it is strictly your choice and not our recommendation.

As a business, for insurance purposes, we are unable to make any medicinal claims or recommendations about such plants. In the case of individuals with allergies or inappropriate use of dosage of a plant, which is outside of our control, they could have very detrimental effects on the user.

Issues with Sago Palms

Sun Scorched

Inadequate irrigation may result in dry, scorched leaves, particularly for newly planted sago palms or plants growing in full sunlight. Water regularly throughout the growing season. 

Frost damage

This can also result in brown tips. In severe cases, fronds may wilt and drop prematurely.

We would recommend your palms are given a good quality feed, are well watered and placed in a shaded area in your garden.

Are the plants toxic/dangerous to pets/humans?

As I’m sure you can appreciate some plants may be harmful to humans or animals in excess. 

Prior to placing your order, we recommend that you look at our website and research the various plants that we offer yourself to hopefully find something suitable for your needs.

What size should I repot?

Please check out our Knowledge Hub, found within the contact area for various care and planting guides.

Should you wish to restrict the natural growth and development of your plant, this can be done by re potting in a smaller pot.

Should you wish your plant to flourish, and develop as expected, then we would recommend re-potting in a planter at least two-thirds larger than the Nursery container your plant arrives in.