How to clear your browser cache

You may be reading this because you are experiencing technical issues with your internet browser. If your internet browser is not displaying up to date information from us (i.e. we tell you that the information you are seeing is different

Cannot clear contents of Basket

We can only apologise if you are experiencing issues when trying to ‘clear’ your basket. With regret we are unable to help you with this, as it involves logging into your account which is password protected by you. Please take

Website Technical Problems/Issues

We are sorry that you are having an issue with using our website. Please contact our IT Dept by emailing with as much of the following information as you are able to supply. The more detail the better. Name

My user id/password is not recognised

Have you registered with another id or password? It is often the case that people forget what they used to register with us. You must use the exact user id and password combination with which you first registered in order