I have received a faulty, wrong, or not as expected item

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Firstly apologies if this is the case as we do quality check all plants before they leave our premises.

In the first instance before contacting us always open the box(es) and take the plants out. In most cases you will find that the plant(s) contained within the box(es) have made the journey intact and just need planting out and watering. 

You may however sometimes get what we call ‘superfluous transit damage’ – given the nature of the items we ship, the odd leaf, twig, or flower may drop off during transit in variable proportion.

Most of the time when this happens it will be light transit damage so it will be a case of tidying the plant up and allowing it to grow on. For your additional piece of mind, in case you are perturbed by the look of delivered plants, some of our hardy varieties are covered by our 5 Year Growth Guarantee

If however, you do have concerns with the plant(s) that you have received the please send the following elements through to us using the Contact Form on the Contact page or, alternatively email us at ineedhelp@gardeningexpress.co.uk. Please note: you will need to notify us of any issues within 14 days of receipt.

If you do contact us then please provide us with the following information:

  • Order Ref
  • Name
  • Delivery Address 
  • Email address (that you ordered under)
  • One or more photographs of the plant(s) at issue (if you can send images to show the overall look of the plant, plus any specific damage that will be very helpful)
  • Photograph(s) of the packing sheet and pot labels so that we can check the rest of the plants from this batch if needed

It is vital that you do send photographs of the whole plant, unpacked and in full so that we can make a decision on how is best to proceed. (We cannot see what you can see.)

Contact us by submitting a Contact Form, located on our Contact page, or via email at ineedhelp@gardeningexpress.co.uk.