Some of my order appears to be missing, when will it be delivered?

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In the first instance please check your packing list or account online. 

To follow items

Any item marked TF or 0 is to follow at a later time. This may be because it is temporarily out of stock, an item that ships direct from a manufacturer or is a seasonal item. Seasonal items will be supplied at the correct planting time as dictated by the weather etc. 

Multi Box Orders

When ordering multiple plants you may find that multiple boxes will be used, to ensure safe transit. Where this is the case, more than one tracking ID will be supplied with the relevant courier information. Please do check on your dispatch confirmation email which tracking IDs you have. We do ask customers to please allow 48 hours from receipt of the first box, to receive the remaining boxes.

Also if an order consists of differing size plants it may be that larger plants are dispatched with a different courier service to any smaller plants within the same order. This is because the courier companies offer different services based on height and weight criteria. You will be supplied with all relevant tracking information in your dispatch email.

Approximate dispatch periods

These are indicated throughout the website. If an item is indicated as being shipped and is not present with your delivery, please do check your dispatch email that there are not further tracking IDs meaning the remaining items are still in transit.

If you do need to contact us then do so by submitting a Contact Form, located on the Contact page of our website. Alternatively you can reach out to us via email at Please only send one Contact Form or email and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.