What’s your Five Year Hardy Plant Guarantee?

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Good news – your hardy plants purchased from us are covered under our 5 year guarantee!

Our stocks are quality checked for viability, health and vitality prior to shipment both by us, and by an independent ministry inspection to ensure we are only shipping good quality stock, so if in the unlikely event a plant does not grow we are happy to replace it.

There are so many variables that can affect plant growth, each plant is different, with individual requirements, one may need slightly more or less water, feed, light etc than it’s neighbour, so we are happy to cover you with our growth guarantee. For full details of our 5 Year Guarantee please click here

We often receive queries about plants early in the year by gardeners thinking they are not alive, please do not be alarmed if you fall in to this category – the vast majority of deciduous and herbaceous plants will show very little, if any growth early in the year, and can appear quite frankly, dead! This is however more often than not their natural dormant state – they will only start into growth and leaf up when that individual plant is ready.

This can be later than other plants in your garden in the case of new plants that have only been with you for a couple of years and not yet fully established and acclimatised to your locality. Remember, many species are not native to the UK, in the case of many plants of Mediterranean origin new growth may not show until May onwards. Plant growth is influenced by both temperature and light levels, so in a cloudy Spring, they’ll be slower to come on than a bright sunny one. We therefore often suggest being patient before reaching for the guarantee at this time of the year.