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Regrettably mistakes can occasionally happen. If you have received you order and an item is missing, please firstly check your order status, and cross reference the items delivered, with those marked as despatched.

Remember, items ordered out of season, will follow when they are next available.

If items indicated as despatched are not present, please contact us by using the Contact Form located on the Contact page of our website or via email at Please only send one email or Contact Form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that order may be delivered in several parcels, and these can get separated in transit, only to be delivered a day or two later than the other items. For some orders which consist of small and large plants then different services using different couriers may be used (this is because courier services are based on height and weight of parcels).

It can really help us if you have a copy of the packing note and photos of any items that have been received so that we are able to assist you and investigate the issue further.