Can I change / make amendments to my order?

This will depend on the status of your order. Please check Order Tracking to find out the status of your order within your account.

We use highly automated systems to deal with and handle huge volumes of orders to put you in full control of your order so you may make the necessary adjustments yourself.

Simply check in to your account with us to check the order if the order can be cancelled there will be a clear option to do this within your account. This means that the order has not yet moved onwards through our automated systems to picking and packing so any such changes are possible.

Within your account there is the option to ‘cancel’ your order. If you cancel your order, then create the order again with the correct details then this will be the quickest and easiest option for you.

Once an order is placed it is not possible for you to edit any of the details within it yourself. This is why you will need to cancel your incorrect order and then place a new correct order. 

If your order status is at any other point within our processing system the cancellation option will not appear, and then regrettably it may not be possible for you to cancel prior to delivery/amend some details.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to add or remove items from your order. The original order would need to be cancelled (if possible, dependent on status of order) and a new order placed.

If your order status is ‘dispatched’ no order amendments are possible. You will need to return the order or parts of the order to us under our standard return procedures should you wish to amend it.