Plant Questions

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Welcome to our customer support centre. We hope that you find the answers to your questions here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for then the fastest way to resolve your question is via our Quick Messaging System (currently available 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 3.30pm Saturday, and closed on Sunday’s.

Just click the purple speech bubble bottom right of this page (it only shows during our customer support open hours) and ask your question. This facility is also available within your Gardening Express customer account area.

Below is a very brief summary of our commonest types of question along with helpful hints so that you can help us to help you by supplying all that we need in your first messsage to us.

  • If your question relates to an order or orders then the main element we need is your order reference number(s). We also need to see photos of what the problem is (as we cannot see what you can see). Photos help us make an informed and reasoned decision regarding how to proceed.
  • The order ref we need should begin with ‘600’or ‘601’.
  • If we raise a support ticket as a result of you talking to us on chat and you do not reply to a message that we send you within 3 days then your support ticket will automatically close. (However you can re-open it at anytime after that. These tickets are set to auto close to help keep our customer support system and team efficiency.)

If your query relates to delivery

Please see the top bar of the website for our current delivery information. We normally specify dispatch at 3-5 working days, but it may take up to 15 working days after ordering for shipping – this is the exception rather than the rule however, and our current average delivery times can be seen clearly on the top bar of the site.

Please keep these timeframes in mind before you raise this type of query. We pick, pack and dispatch in excess of 20,000 orders every week during peak times. The nature of the product (i.e. live plants) is not the same as for dry goods (i.e. a product pre-boxed which just needs to be picked from a shelf).

If you are missing plants – things to be aware of

Orders which consist of multiple plants are often shipped in multiple boxes. These boxes can arrive at different times. Sometimes we use different courier companies depending on box size, shape, and box weight (i.e. box shape, and weight dictate which courier service is used). Please allow a further 48 hours for your entire order to arrive.

When we pack your plants some plants will often be packed together in the same box and be hidden by the foliage of others. Please make sue that you fully unpack your box(es) prior to raising a query. (This may sound obvious but from experience we do have customers who open a box and do not unpack prior to raising a query.)

If your received box is damaged

We are sorry if this is the case and will raise any cases of this nature with the courier used. However please unpack your damaged box first before raising a query because it may be that the box has been damaged but the plant(s) contained within will be intact.

If your received plants are damaged or not as expected

We cannot see what you can see so we always ask you to supply photos so that we can make an informed and reasoned decision as to how to proceed with your query.

Roses which are bare root / dormant
Roses which are bare root / dormant

If you either purchase bare root Roses from

Issues with Buxus
Issues with Buxus

Dehydration Buxus can easily become dehydrated if not

Issues with Sago Palms
Issues with Sago Palms

Sun Scorched Inadequate irrigation may result in dry,

Help, the plants do not look anything like I expected! Is one dead?
Help, the plants do not look anything like I expected! Is one dead?

This section applied to all Plants purchased outside

Are the plants toxic/dangerous to pets/humans
Are the plants toxic/dangerous to pets/humans

As I'm sure you can appreciate some plants