Help, the plants do not look anything like I expected! Is one dead?

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This section applies to all plants purchased outside of their main season of interest – such as those that are not in bloom or are dormant on arrival. It is a bit lengthy, but is full of information that you should find useful!

Think your plant looks different to what you expected?

Please note we do need to be made aware of any issues within 14 days of receipt of your order.
If you order outside of a specific plant flowering season or growth period (which depends on variety purchased), then during our cleaning and tidying of plants (prior to packing) we may dead-head them if they have finished flowering. Plants at certain times of the year may also arrive in a dormant state, for example, deciduous varieties could be devoid of foliage, and herbaceous species could have migrated below the soil for the winter period.

Other tidying of plants we will undertake on a plant-by-plant basis could consist of:
– Weeding and cleaning the top of the compost the plant is in (the vast majority of our plants are grown outside and therefore can attract some debris over time).
– Cutting back twigs and / or branches to maximise growth for the following growing season

So depending on what time of year you receive your plants do not be alarmed by their appearance on occasion they will all have been prepared for you so that they are at their strongest for when you unpack, and plant them out.

Regardless of plant purchased we always recommend planting it out as soon as possible and giving it a good watering.

It greatly helps if you can feed your plant (with a good quality feed) fortnightly throughout its growing period.

Think your plant is dead?

Most queries regarding this are early in the year when plants are still dormant, but please do not be alarmed – most deciduous plants will show very little, if any, growth early in the year. They may look completely dead! Often, this is their natural dormant state, and they will start to develop and leaf up when the individual plant is ready.
Sometimes plants can take longer to grow their leaves back than others. This can be due to the plant not being fully established, not having had the time to acclimatise in its new environment, or even extreme weather over the winter months. Some plants are not native to the UK, such as Hibiscus, and they will not develop their leaves until at least May, when the sun starts to properly warm the soil up.
To avoid disappointment, please research the plants that you are intending to purchase as all plants will develop differently in different locations and have different seasons of interest. Flowering periods can change depending on the weather and temperature, so this is something to bear in mind if purchasing a plant for a specific event or purpose.
If your plant fails to thrive, it may be covered by one of our Guarantees, please see our Guarantee pages for further information on what is covered

To avoid disappointment please always thoroughly research specific plants that you are intending on buying (especially if you are buying them for an occasion or if you are expecting a plant in bloom upon arrival). All plants have specific seasonal times each year when they do bear foliage, flowers or fruit. The flowering time period can vary each year depending on temperatures and weather.