Can you tell me specific information about a plant?

We often receive queries regarding the specifics of individual plants you may wish to order, this can range from queries relating to the height, number of branches or flowers on each plant etc

Since we ship thousands of orders and plants every week, it would be impractical and physically impossible for our staff to complete these requests for specific information on individual specimens and hold them in reservation for you whilst you decide if you wish to order or not.

A useful tip is that with single plants a key indicator is size of container that the plant is in. This will give a good idea of plant quality.

All of our listing provide general information and guidance as to condition and size, but regrettably, as a natural living product we are unable to provide detailed specific information on single plants. If we did quote information on a batch by batch basis one day, and one of our horticulturalist then pruned a batch of shrubs on our nursery the next for example, or a different batch was selected to ship once your order was received (the others could have been sold in the interim), then the specifics quoted could vary from the item you would receive, with the potential to disappoint. This is a situation we wish to avoid at all costs as we strive for your satisfaction when supplying an order to you. 

Please be advised we will always select the biggest and best quality plants possible from those offered for sale when fulfilling your order, and back up all our hardy plants with a 5 year guarantee, so we are quite sure you will be more than happy with the stock we select for you.