How to clear your browser cache

You may be reading this because you are experiencing technical issues with your internet browser. If your internet browser is not displaying up to date information from us (i.e. we tell you that the information you are seeing is different to what it should be) or it is behaving oddly at checkout or when you try to login.

The first thing to try is to clear your internet browser cache of historical information (which it is programmed to remember to help speed up page loading time – this is what is called the cache), and internet browser cookies (these are small files which your browser stores which remembers what you previously did on the site if you have visited the site before).

There are many different types of internet browser which all have slightly different ways of clearing the cache and cookies. So if you do not know what browser or browser version you are using then visit this page first of all:, before visiting one of these pages with instructions as to what to do:’s-Cache