Can you make some recommendations for my garden and suggest any plants?

It is very difficult to make recommendations to our customers regarding plant choices, selections and plant development.
As I am sure you can appreciate this is dependent on a variety of factors such as personal preference, soil conditions, weather variation and individual garden locations.
We do appreciate this may appear that we are not trying to be helpful – please be assured that this is not the case.
Personal experience over the years has resulted in our recommendations not always fulfilling the needs of our customers due to all the factors as stated above – one persons individual opinions and tastes in plants, much like food and fashion, can be very different from another individuals.
We would therefore recommend that you look at our website and research the various plants that we offer yourself to hopefully find something suitable for your needs.
However, if you do struggle and draw a blank, please use our Quick Messaging System to ask one of our helpful agents. You can access our Quick Messaging System via your customer account area or our contact us page.
Our Quick Messaging System is available during most business hours Mon to Sat. Please check within your customer account area on our website or on our contact page for current hours.