I think I am missing a plant from my order, can you help?

We carefully check all plants and orders a number of times prior to dispatch but mistakes can happen.

Orders which consist of multiple plants are often shipped in multiple boxes. These boxes can arrive at different times. Sometimes we use different courier companies depending on box size, shape, and box weight.  Please allow a further 48 hours for your entire order to arrive.

When we pack your plants some plants will often be packed together in the same box and be hidden by the foliage of others. We have found that packing plants tightly together helps to protect the plants and doesn’t affect their wellbeing.

It is easy for customers to look quickly inside their boxes and think they are missing out on plants.  Carefully unpack and unwrap every single plant to check that you are not missing anything – if you are then we are really sorry and ask that you please get in touch using our quick messaging system in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (its a purple speech bubble).  We will rectify any mistakes as quick as possible.