Do you do wholesale?

Yes we do, as well as selling directly to our end customers, we can also provide wholesale services to customers buying 10+ units of one product and spending over £1000 per invoice. We have even supplied West End department stores

I saw this item in an advert but cannot find it on your site?

This means that the product is temporarily out of stock or has been discontinued. Tip – We often take repeat deliveries of popular products, or have more growing on in the nursery. We would advise you to keep checking the

How do I contact Gardening Express?

The main way to contact us is by using our Quick Messaging System. This is accessible both within your customer account area and also on our contact us page. Our Quick Messaging System is available during most business hours Mon to

Which courier do you use?

We use a multitude of Couriers to help us with dispatch, this is dependent on whats ordered, the size, weight and how may cartons are used to pack your order. I’m afraid we’re not able to handle individual preferences due

Reward Points

In order to gain “Reward points” you have 2 options , you can send a link to one of our products through to a friend or family member and should they chose to order the plant via the link provided,

Can you make some recommendations for my garden and suggest any plants?

It is very difficult to make recommendations to our customers regarding plant choices, selections and plant development. As I am sure you can appreciate this is dependent on a variety of factors such as personal preference, soil conditions, weather variation

Do you have a catalogue?

No, Gardening Express does not print a catalogue. New products are added to the site daily, so you need to visit the site regularly to keep up-dated with all the latest plants & products.

Gardening Express Varieties of Plants within a Collection

Our collections are always as advertised, and do state these can be of a mixed variety. The mix can indeed include the varieties as those mentioned in the advert details. These are examples of the plants available in our large and extensive