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Adding the Pantone Colour of the Year to your Spring Garden

As we emerge from the winter and enter spring, colour starts to appear all around us. Colour is an important part of a vibrant, lively garden. Having said this, let’s talk about the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024. This year’s spotlight goes to Peach Fuzz (13-1023). It is a warm, peachy pink – the ideal spring colour. This article will teach you how to incorporate this gorgeous hue into your outdoor space.

Top 8 Plants with ‘Peach Fuzz’ Flowers or Foliage

1. Dianthus Peach Party

This incredible plant produced hundreds of sweet-scented flowers in the spring. It is compact, making it ideal for pots, borders, and smaller spaces. After the initial peach-coloured blooms of the spring, the summer flowers develop with a vivid red eye for some interesting variation.

2. Salix integra Flamingo

There is a good reason this plant is so popular: the striking pink and white foliage. As new leaves develop, they emerge heavily blotched with beautiful colour, fading to green as they age. This leaves the plant with an ombre effect from pink to green.

3. Tulip ‘Quebec’

This is the perfect option to add ‘Peach Fuzz’ to your spring flowerbeds. The cream edge of the petals highlights the peach-coloured centre for a nice touch of drama. Not only is it a stunning flower, but it is multi-headed, meaning you get 3-5 tulip blooms on each stem.

4. Azalea Rhododendron Encore ‘Sunburst’

This Dwarf Rhododendron bursts into life with vibrant pink flowers in the spring, continuing to bloom into early summer. Uniquely for Azaleas, this variety will treat you to a second display of blooms in the autumn.

5. Gipsy Queen Hyacinths

Another stunning flowerbed option, these hyacinths are the ideal shade of pink to celebrate the colour of the year. These peach-coloured blooms are perfect for beds, borders, pots – they could even be grown indoors!

6. Clematis Montana Marjorie

Growing this climbing plant is perfect for adding a subtle touch of ‘Peach Fuzz’ to your garden, and will make great use of vertical spaces like fences. The unusual, spiky petals have peachy-pink borders and darker pink veining for some striking contrast.

7. Trachelospermum Star of Milano – Blush Pink

The pink flowers combined with variegated leaves make this the perfect springtime plant. It is a vigorous climber with loads of potential to fill in gaps in displays or grow over fences and trellises. On top of being a visual treat, this plant also provides a gorgeous springtime scent.

8. ‘Pink Ice’ Japanese Wisteria

This is a stunning, easy-to-grow plant with incredible displays of cascading pink blossoms in the spring. It is incredibly versatile in its compact nature and can either be grown as a climber or trained to grow as a small weeping tree.

Other Ways to Include ‘Peach Fuzz’ in Your Garden

Outside of the plants themselves, there are other ways to incorporate the colour of 2024 into your spring garden. Here are a few of our ideas:

Decorative pots

Plant pots are the ideal way to add more colour to your garden without changing up which plants you’re growing. Whether you buy pots of a specific colour or decorate them yourself, they provide plenty of opportunity for self-expression throughout your garden. Try adding a touch of ‘Peach Fuzz’ to your spring garden with pots and planters.

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Painted fences

Using your vertical space is a great way to add more colour to your garden. Whether you opt to paint whole fence panels with this gorgeous shade or incorporate the colour into a mural, fences give you a lot of space to get some more ‘Peach Fuzz’ into your garden.


Have fun exploring ways to add the colour of the year into your outdoor space. Spring is the perfect time of year to work on your garden and watch it burst into life. Click here to read more about gardening in the spring.

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Updated on March 25, 2024

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