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August Gardening Jobs

We are in the middle of summer, and August is still providing us perfect conditions for spending time in the garden. So lets use the good weather to our advantage and get your gardens looking vibrant with summer colour.

This is the perfect month to start growing and preparing for our autumn gardens. Whether you are an experienced gardeners, just starting out, or want a fast way to make a big impact in the garden, knowing which tasks to prioritise is always helpful. So we have a list of our key gardening jobs and top tips to guide you through gardening in August.

Key Tasks for August

  • Summer prune Wisteria by shortening all long side shoots to about 20cm
  • Prune summer fruits trained as restricted forms.
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularly
  • Water containers and new plants using stored rainwater
  • Harvest vegetables when they are ready.

August flower garden jobs

  • Keep Camellias and Rhododendrons watered through late summer while their flower buds form.
  • Trim Lavender once flowering is over to contain its shape; avoid cutting into old wood.
  • Prune rambling Roses, removing up to a third of flowered stems, and tie the rest to supports.
  • Keep pots and hanging baskets flowering by watering, deadheading and fertilising regularly.
  • Plant autumn bulbs in pots and borders.

Greenhouse jobs

  • Pour water over the greenhouse floor every morning during the hot weather can help increase humidity – during periods of drought, try to use grey water to help reduce mains water use.
  • Plant up pots with winter bulbs for fragrant indoor displays this Christmas.
  • Water dormant Cyclamen to bring them back into growth after summer.
  • Look out for pests and diseases on greenhouse plants, and treat them accordingly.
  • Shade delicate plants in the greenhouse to avoid sun scorching on hot days.

Fruit & Vegetable garden jobs

  • Be vigilant for signs of tomato and potato blight, removing affected plants immediately to prevent the spread. 
  • Prune free-standing and trained apple trees to encourage good fruiting in future years.
  • Utilise netting or fleece to shield blackberries and autumn raspberries from birds.
  • Harvest onions and shallots after their foliage wilts, allowing them to dry under the sun.
  • Make sure to consistently water your crops, particularly in hot weather, and utilise water from a water butt if available.
  • Start to plan what fruit and veggies you want to grow in your garden for autumn and once you’ve decided, get to planting.

August garden maintenance

  • Remove weeds from crevices in pavements and driveways before they become firmly established.
  • Get the soil ready for sowing a lawn or laying turf in September and October.
  • Accelerate compost decomposition by turning it regularly.
  • Trim laurel hedges using secateurs instead of a hedge trimmer to prevent leaves from browning due to incomplete cutting.
  • Enhance moisture retention by applying a generous layer of well-rotted garden compost, leaf mould, or manure. Spread the mulch after a heavy rain or thorough watering.


When starting in any garden, it is always essential to understand the unique conditions of your garden space. No two gardens are identical, with every garden having unique microclimates, soil, and growing conditions. All our guides and information are provided as general guides, and garden owners must research every plant before planting. We cannot accept responsibility for plant establishment and survival in individual gardens.

Updated on March 15, 2024

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