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Chelsea Flower Show: Our Predictions & A Look At The Past

With the Chelsea Flower Show fast approaching, we’re thinking about plants that might feature, and blooms that we think should get some recognition this year. In this article we’ll have a look at some past Plant of the Year winners, and plants we would love to see at the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show.

A Look at Past Chelsea Show Plants

Before we get into our predictions for this year’s show, let’s take a look at some of the previous Plant of the Year winners from the Chelsea Flower Show.

2018: Hydrangea Runaway Bride ‘Snow White’

This winner is an unusual hydrangea, producing its blooms along the length of the stems. The white lacecap flowerheads create a light, angelic look. Over time the pure-white flowers become tinted with flushes of pink. It’s no wonder this beauty caught the attention of RHS judges in 2018 with its huge abundance of blooms.

2019: Sedum takesimense ‘Atlantis’

‘Atlantis’ has creamy, variegated leaves with interesting serrated edges. This sedum makes a lovely addition to rock gardens, planters, and borders. The RHS has described it as a “drought-tolerant, low-maintenance and hardy stonecrop perfect for small gardens and balconies”.

2021: Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’

Just a glance at this beautiful tree will tell you why it was named the 2021 Plant of the Year. The heart-shaped leaves emerge flame red, maturing into burnt orange and bright yellow. As more and more leaves emerge, there tends to be a combination of these different stages across the branches; this creates a stunning display of its whole range of fiery colours.

2022: x Semponium ‘Destiny’

‘Destiny’ definitely earned its 2022 title, being the first official cross between Sempervivum and Aeonium. This exciting new succulent boasts deep purple-black leaves that make a huge statement. The leaves are actually bright green before they mature, creating a nice contrast between the centre and outskirts of the plant. Starting off as a single rosette, this plant can branch off as it matures. It is a hardy, low-maintenance plant.

2023: Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’

It’s clear to see why last year’s award went to Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’. The unique blooms are almost black in bud, opening up as a deep blue or purple. This plant is the perfect touch of elegance and moodiness, capable of creating a nice balance with smaller or brighter flowers, as well as complementing a sea of darker flowers.

Our Predictions for the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show

1. Alstromeria ‘Tamara’

‘Tamara’ is a compact variety with incredible, unique flowers. The flashes of white contrast with the purple petal, and are filled with an interesting pattern of yellow and dark pink. At a glance the patches of pattern resemble a tigers stripe, which is a very unique look for a flower. Even the foliage of this plant is impressive, with glossy, bright green leaves.

2. Astrantia major Star of Love – Pincushion Flower

This plant gets its nickname from its flowers resembling a collection of tiny pins in a pincushion. These little flowers are surrounded by a collar of bracts, appearing to present them to you. This is a very special variety, with large flowerheads and particularly deeply cut foliage.

3. Dianthus Berry Blush

These flowers have it all: striking two-toned colours, interesting texture with the fringed petals, and beautiful contrast in the centre. We can’t get enough of these blooms and think they deserve some attention at this year’s flower show.

This plant is an excellent addition to gardens, working well in pots, planters, beds, and borders. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also produce a wonderful fragrance.

4. Hemerocallis ‘Frans Hals’ – Daylily

This unique daylily has beautiful fiery colours. The alternating petals create a gorgeous pattern, with the perfect ratio of red to yellow for a sunset-like display. These stunning, free-flowering blooms deserve more recognition and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them at the Chelsea Flower Show.

5. Lupins ‘Manhattan Lights’

We couldn’t talk about stunning, award-worthy blooms without mentioning this plant. Lupins have show-stopping, statement flowers, and this variety is particularly stunning. Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the colour wheel, making them perfectly complement each other. This colour combo paired with the classic lupin flower shape makes this a strong contender for Plant of the Year.


And there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show to see if any of our predictions make an appearance. In the meantime, check out our other beautiful plants.

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Updated on April 23, 2024

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