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We all know that a beautiful garden is a labour of love, and having a dreaded invasion of weeds can very quickly spoil that. So, we are here to let you in on a few secrets to controlling weeds without resorting to harsh weedkillers. Have a look through some of our tried and tested control measures to help you reclaim your garden and keep it weed-free naturally!

Know Your Weeds

Before we start telling you how to control these garden weeds, it is very important that you can identify the different types of weeds in your garden. From annual and ephemeral weeds with hallow roots, to deep-rooted perennial weeds that are tricky to kill.

Cultural and Organic Control Measures

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends practising good garden hygiene and cultivating healthy plants as the first defence against weeds, pests, and diseases. Natural enemies and selective plant choices can also help in reducing weed growth. If chemical controls are used, remember to keep them targeted and minimal.

Hoeing for Victory

Grab your garden hoe and run it over your garden beds or between rows to pull up most weed seedlings. Choose a dry day with a light breeze so the uprooted seedlings dry out on the surface and don’t re-root into moist soil. Hoeing is an effective way to thwart the initial weed invasion.

Hand-Pulling and Forking

Take some time each week to hand-pull those young annual weeds before they go to seed. For perennial weeds, like bindweed or couch grass, use a hand or border fork to dig them out, ensuring you remove as much of the root as possible. Just be careful not to disturb the roots of your beloved garden plants.

Handy Weeding Tools

Armed with a weed knife, you can easily battle weeds between paving slabs and along path edging. Various other weeding tools, like narrow-bladed or spiral-type instruments, exist to tackle specific weed challenges.

The Power of Repeated Cutting

Repeated cutting to ground level for larger weedy areas over several years will weaken and eventually kill some weeds. A strimmer or sickle-type weeder is your weapon of choice for this approach.

Harness the Flame

A flame gun can scorch off weeds between paving slabs and driveways, providing they are dry. Deep-rooted weeds like dandelions are great to target with this technique.

Mulching for Suppression

Embrace the power of mulching with deep organic materials like bark or wood chips to smother weeds around your precious plants. Maintain a 10-15cm layer to suppress established annual weeds effectively.

Edging Boards and Strips

Install edging boards or strips to prevent unwanted grass from invading your garden borders. This is especially helpful in areas where invasive grasses like couch grass pose a threat.

Root Barriers

Insert these tough fabric barriers into the soil to prevent the spread of perennial weeds into neighbouring areas. These barriers are also useful for restricting invasive plants and sucker-producing trees and shrubs.

Updated on March 15, 2024

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