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December Gardening Jobs


  • Plant bare-root roses
  • If the ground is not frozen or waterlogged, plant new bushes and trees
  • Cut stems off berried winter shrubs and seasonal flowers to use in festive displays
  • Place straw around tender shrubs and climbers to protect from harsh frozen weather
  • Regularly check for signs of rot on bulbs being stored
  • If you plan to plant your potted Christmas tree after Christmas, you need to dig the hole in early December before the ground becomes too frozen


  • Check heaters are working
  • Add bubble wrap or other insulation to help keep in more warmth
  • Remove faded leaves and dead flowers
  • Move Hyacinths into the house in a cool, bright spot

Pots, baskets, borders and containers

  • Bring terracotta pots indoors or insulate them to protect roots from the freezing weather
  • Move pots to sheltered areas
  • Plant up winter interest containers

Garden maintenance

  • Prune Acers, Birches and Vines
  • Insulate outdoor taps and ponds to stop from freezing
  • Rake fallen leaves
  • Fill up bird food feeders
  • Sow Cacti seeds and place on a windowsill 
  • Plant Amaryllis bulbs for display in around 8 weeks
  • Clear out shed, clean and organise your tools
  • Check tree ties and stakes are secure before the storms hit
  • Don’t forget to clean your garden tools


  • Plan next year’s crop
  • Order seeds
  • Replace any damaged or old tools
  • Order apple trees ready for spring planting
  • Invest in any new tools you may need for the next season
  • Sharpen, clean and oil existing gardening tools

Download our December Gardening Jobs booklet

We hope you found this list of December gardening jobs helpful. Please download our booklet to print out and keep for future years.


When starting in any garden it is always important to understand the unique conditions of your garden space. No two gardens are identical, with every garden having its special microclimates, soil, and growing conditions. All our guides and information are provided as general guides, and garden owners need to do their own research for each and every plant before planting. We cannot accept responsibility for plant establishment and survival in individual gardens.

Updated on November 10, 2023

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