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  3. Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Gift Game with these Top 5 Plants (2024)
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  3. Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Gift Game with these Top 5 Plants (2024)

Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Gift Game with these Top 5 Plants (2024)

Are you ready to break free from the cliché bouquet of cut flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of special plant gifts that go beyond the ordinary. From the enduring beauty of roses to captivating houseplant surprises, here are some extraordinary choices for the green-thumbed enthusiasts in your life.

Rose ‘Flower Carpet Pink’

Ditch the traditional cut roses that wither away within a few weeks and choose a rose plant. Although they may not be flowering when you pass the gift along, gardeners will surely see the promise behind the gift. We chose the Rose ‘Flower Carpet Pink’ as the ideal gift this Valentine’s. Their pink blooms will flourish in most garden borders or containers. For wonderful blooms you cannot surpass, plant Pink Flower Carpet ground cover roses. They have won many sought-after awards, including The Royal Horticultural Societies Award of Garden Merit. It has also won The Royal National Roses Society – Rose of Special Merit for its hardiness and natural disease resistance.

Houseplant Roulette

Why not give a randomly selected houseplant as a gift for Valentine’s Day? For any houseplant parent, this is a deal not to be missed. Perfect for sending to a loved one, a friend as a thank you for being there, or a gift for yourself (we all deserve to treat ourselves). Breathe new life into the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and home office with these cute houseplants. Very on trend – Scandi lifestyle-inspired air purifying plants.

Houseplant Roulette is just that – you’ll receive a random lucky dip houseplant selected from those pictured and more. All will be easy-to-care-for varieties, and we will send you a lovely mixed collection if you buy multiple plants.

Supplied in approx. 12cm nursery pot. Plants will be selected from a mix of different types (such as Dragon Tree, Yucca, Spider Plant, Ferns, Succulents, Snake Plant, and many more). Don’t forget to order a white cover pot too.

Evergreen Camellia japonica Volunteer

Meet the Camellia japonica ‘Volunteer,’ a botanical marvel that brings a touch of romance to your garden, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This evergreen beauty unveils its large, enchanting blooms from mid to late winter, extending the celebration of love into the spring months. In mild winters, these lovely blooms might surprise you as early as mid-December, so don’t miss a moment of their delicate charm.

Adorned in soft pink with a lighter edge, each bloom looks like Cupid has kissed it, creating an irresistible sweetness reminiscent of delicious candy. While they may seem good enough to eat, these blooms are crafted exclusively for visual delight, adding a touch of romance to your outdoor space. Place them in a charming planter near your home to create a picture-perfect scene that captures the essence of love.

Philodendron Imperial Green

Introducing the Philodendron Imperial Green – the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to bring an everlasting touch of elegance and love into your special someone’s life. With its striking appearance featuring glossy green leaves, this plant is not just a botanical wonder but also a symbol of enduring beauty.

Imperial Green earns its name from the captivating allure it adds to your home décor, creating a tropical paradise within your living space. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the usual flowers and chocolates and gift the Imperial Green to express your love uniquely and lastingly.

This moderate to fast-growing Philodendron is the ideal companion for seasoned plant enthusiasts and beginners. Its low-maintenance nature means that even those without a green thumb can enjoy the beauty of nature effortlessly. Place it in a well-lit spot, and the Imperial Green will thrive, bringing a touch of the tropics to any room.

Cactus Grow Set – Golden Barrel

Embrace the warmth of love with the Golden Barrel cactus, a symbol of endurance and admiration. Elevate your interior décor with this trendy and eye-catching plant, designed for contemporary and modern spaces. Whether adorning your coffee table or creating a stunning window display, the Golden Barrel adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

What’s inside the box? Everything you need for a hassle-free growing experience! This set includes premium Golden Barrel cactus seeds and nutrient-rich compost to ensure optimal growth. Along with specially formulated plant food for vibrant and healthy development and a chic planter complementing the cactus’s aesthetic appeal.

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable with a gift that keeps on giving. The Cactus Grow Set – Golden Barrel is not just a present; it’s a journey of growth, love, and shared moments. Surprise your loved ones with a living symbol of enduring affection; watch as your love blossoms with this captivating cactus.

Updated on February 5, 2024

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