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Gardening Resources: Supporting Your Gardening Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting your gardening journey, having access to valuable resources can make all the difference in cultivating a thriving garden. From expert advice and networking opportunities to educational programs and community events, there are numerous organisations and websites dedicated to supporting and inspiring gardeners of all ages. In this article, we will explore a diverse range of gardening resources that cater specifically to youths and adults alike.

Gardening Resources for Youths

The Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA)

A UK-based organisation that supports and represents young people working in the horticulture industry. The YPHA was founded in 2018 by Mollie Higginson and Lilidh Matthews, two young horticulturists who were passionate about creating a more inclusive and diverse industry. They provide a range of resources and support for young people in horticulture, including networking opportunities, career advice, and funding for training and development. The YPHA also advocates for the interests of young people in the industry, working with employers, the government, and other organisations to improve the opportunities available to young people in horticulture. They are a registered charity and are funded by membership fees, donations, and corporate sponsorship. The YPHA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young people in horticulture. Visit their website here: https://www.ypha.org.uk/

Kew Gardens Youth Programmes

Kew Gardens offers a variety of youth programs that allow young people to learn about plant science and conservation. These programs include the Youth Explainers program, which allows young people to work with Kew scientists and horticulturalists to create engaging educational resources. The Youth Forum, which provides a space for young people to discuss issues related to science, conservation, and the environment. The Earthwise summer program, which offers hands-on learning experiences for young people interested in exploring the natural world. Visit their website here: https://www.kew.org/learning/community-and-access/youth-programmes

RHS Campaign for School Gardening

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening provides resources and support to schools, groups, and individuals who want to get involved in school gardening. The website offers a variety of resources, including training courses, lesson plans, and activities, to help schools create and maintain school gardens. Visit their website here:https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/home 

Kew Learning

The learning page at Kew Gardens offers a variety of resources for students, teachers, and the general public. The page includes information on Kew’s MSc and PhD programs, as well as short courses and internships. There are also a number of teaching resources available, including Endeavour, a free online platform with curriculum-aligned activities for pupils of all ages. The page also includes information on Community Open Week, a free event that takes place every year in May. During Community Open Week, visitors can explore Kew Gardens and participate in a variety of activities, including talks, tours, and workshops. Visit their website here: https://www.kew.org/learning 

Gardening Clubs for Adults

The Gardeners Club

The Gardeners Club is a free-to-join online club for everyone with an interest in gardening and gardens. The site offers first-class gardening advice, details of shows and events and the latest news from the world of horticulture. Members can also share their pictures, tips and tricks, experiences, views and knowledge with each other. The Gardeners Club has over 400,000 members and is a great resource for anyone interested in gardening. Visit their website here: https://www.gardeners-club.co.uk/ 

The Hardy Plant Society

The Hardy Plant Society (HPS) is a registered charity that promotes hardy herbaceous plants. The society was founded in 1926 and has over 10,000 members worldwide. The HPS’s mission is to “grow and study hardy herbaceous plants, and to share our knowledge and love of these plants with other gardeners.” Visit their website here: https://www.hardy-plant.org.uk

Plant Heritage

Plant Heritage is a charity that aims to conserve the diversity of garden plants in the UK. It does this through its National Plant Collection scheme, which recognises and supports individuals and organisations that have significant collections of plants. Plant Heritage also has a network of local groups that provide support and advice to gardeners. The charity’s website provides information on its work, as well as resources for gardeners, including plant identification guides, gardening advice, and news about plant conservation. Visit their website here: https://www.plantheritage.org.uk/

Further Gardening Resources

Garden Organic

Garden Organic is a charity that promotes organic growing, composting, citizen science and research, and seed conservation through our Heritage Seed Library. The website provides information on how to garden organically, including tips on composting, soil health, and pest control. It also offers a variety of resources for gardeners, including books, magazines, and courses. Garden Organic is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about organic gardening. Check out their website here: https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust has changed the way it provides Nature Detectives activities for children. The website for Nature Detectives was taken offline on 16 March 2020. Children can now find activities and resources on the Woodland Trust’s main website. The Woodland Trust has also created a new Nature Detectives app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app includes a range of activities, including scavenger hunts, quizzes, and games. The Woodland Trust hopes that the new way of providing Nature Detectives activities will make it easier for children to learn about the natural world. Check out their website here: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/

Tree Appeal

Tree Appeal is a UK-based charity that plants trees in schools, woodlands and nature reserves. They have planted over 450,000 trees since 2005. Trees provide homes and food for innumerable species of birds, mammals and insects. They also help to combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Tree Appeal is funded by corporate sponsors and individuals. You can sponsor a tree or buy a card that plants a tree. All proceeds go towards planting more trees. Check out their website here: https://www.treeappeal.com/ 

RHS School Gardening

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening (RHS CfSG) is a UK-wide initiative that encourages children and young people to grow their own food and plants. The RHS CfSG offers a range of resources, including training courses, awards schemes, and gardening activities, to help schools and groups get involved. The RHS CfSG also works to raise awareness of the benefits of gardening for children’s health and well-being. Check out their website here: https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/home

Grow Your Own Potatoes

The Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) project is a UK-based initiative that aims to teach primary school children about growing potatoes. The project is funded by a variety of sponsors, including McCain Foods, Tesco, and the British Potato Trade Association. In 2023, 6,000 free potato-growing kits were made available to primary schools nationwide. The kits included seed potatoes, growing instructions, and educational resources. The GYOP project has been praised for its educational value and for its potential to encourage children to eat healthier. Registrations for the 2023 program have closed, but registrations for the 2024 program are now open. Check out their website here: https://www.growyourownpotatoes.org.uk/ 

Other Gardening Clubs, Societies & Resources

The ones we have featured above are only some of the gardening clubs and societies you should look at. To view more, check out this website that has a list of the Gardening & Wildlife Clubs & Societies in the UK. Or check out the RHS website for their map of local gardening communities.

Updated on July 20, 2023

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