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How Long Can My Plants Be Left In Their Packaging?

We all know plants need water, light and air to survive. That’s why people tend to remove their plants from its packaging and get them into the ground/pot as soon as possible. But what if this is not possible? We all know how hard it is to find time to garden or how hard it can be if the weather turns quickly. So we have a few sort-term ways to give your plants the best care until you can plant them.

Pot Grown Plants

After removing all outer packaging, the plants can be kept in their pots for several days or weeks until you are prepared to plant. But make sure to keep them well-watered, sheltered and in as much light as possible.

Pot grown plants can be left in their pots for several weeks before re-potting or planting

Bare Root Plants

These must be planted within a few days of delivery. They cannot be left longer than this as the roots are fragile and require protection and nutrients quickly.

If you do need to wait for a few days, make sure you remove the plants from their box/pallet and place the roots in a bucket of water for a couple of hours to dampen them. Once you have done this, place the bare roots into plastic bags and store them in a cool dry place for up to two days.

You can protect bare-root plants if they cannot be planted within a few days, but this method is not recommended. There is a process called heeling where you can dig a hole big enough for the plant to be placed at an angle and covered in soil. This is a temporary solution that can protect plants for several weeks until they can be planted in their permanent home.

Heeling in bare root fruit tree – Photo by The Fruit Nut – Pomology, Fruit Exploring, & Orcharding

Root Ball Plants

If you don’t plan to plant your root ball right away, take it out of the box and store it somewhere cool and dry. Make sure to water the root balls well and keep them away from the cold. To give your root ball plants the best chance of success, we strongly recommend planting them as soon as possible.

Updated on April 12, 2023

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