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How to Look After Your Angels Trumpet: Top Tips for a Thriving Plant

Brugmansia – also known as the Angels Trumpet plant – is a tropical plant that boasts gorgeous, hanging flowers from the summer into the autumn. The plant gets its name from the trumpet-like shape of these fragrant flowers. Read this article for a full guide on caring for an Angels Trumpet plant.

Angels Trumpet (Brugmansia) Care


These tropical plants do well in warm, humid environments. Growing them in partial shade in the summer will help them to retain their moisture for longer, but they will also do well in full sun. If you’re growing them indoors, make sure they have plenty of bright light; a conservatory or greenhouse would be perfect.


Make sure to plant Angels Trumpets in nutrient-rich, moisture-retentive soil. You can achieve this by mixing plenty of organic matter into your soil such as homemade compost. However, make sure the soil will still drain freely and will not become waterlogged. If you are using very well-drained soil, remember you’ll need to water your plant more regularly.


These are sensitive, tropical plants that require warmth in the winter. It’s recommended to plant Angels Trumpets in containers that can be moved indoors in the colder months of the year. Alternatively, you could plant them in the ground during the spring and summer and dig them up to bring them indoors as it gets colder.

Pruning and deadheading

Angels Trumpets are fast-growing plants that can be pruned at the end of the growing season. Pruning them will help to keep them at a reasonable size. This is especially important considering they need to be indoors during the colder months.


These plants do well with daily watering in the summer as they use up water very quickly.  If you’re growing them in pots, be sure to regularly check the soil to make sure it never dries out completely. When it’s time to water, thoroughly soak the soil and let the excess drain from the bottom of the pot. If the pot is sitting in a saucer, make sure to tip any excess water from the saucer so the plant isn’t sitting in it – this can be damaging to the roots.

Reduce watering when you’ve brought your plant in for the autumn and winter. Water when the top few inches of soil have dried out, just enough to keep the plant in leaf until the spring. This should be roughly every 1-2 weeks.


Only feed these plants during the spring and summer, when they are actively growing. Feed more frequently in the summer (every 1-2 weeks) than in the spring (once a month).

Pests and diseases

The main pest problems this plant will face are seen indoors. When grown inside, Angels Trumpets can become infested with sap-feeding pests like mealybugs. If you notice pests, remove any heavily affected parts of the plant before spraying it down with water to remove remaining bugs. You may need to replace the soil if the present pest is known to lay eggs in there. Wash the plant with a solution of neem oil and/or horticultural soap, diluted as per the instructions on the product.


Angels Trumpets are beautiful plants that can grow to considerable sizes with the right care and conditions. Click here to learn more about taking care of your garden plants.

Updated on December 8, 2023

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