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November Gardening Jobs

With November bringing shorter daylight hours, colder days and more rain likely to come, it is important to protect those tender plants. But don’t worry about losing all of the colour in your garden, as you can plant up some winter flowering containers to bring a splash of extra joy to your garden. This month you should also look to find ways of providing food and shelter to wildlife as the weather gets colder. Check out our November gardening jobs below.

November Gardening Jobs – Photo by Angelina Litvin

November Flower Maintenance

  • Raise containers to prevent waterlogging
  • Plant Tulip bulbs
  • Plant winter bedding
  • Insulate outdoor containers with bubble wrap to protect from frost
  • Plant bare-root hedges, Roses, trees and shrubs before the weather gets too cold
  • Cut down faded perennials
  • Before birds eat the berries – cut a few holly stems which contain berries for making Christmas garlands
Cut a few holly stems which contain berries for making Christmas garlands – Photo by Airam Dato-on

Jobs in the Greenhouse This November

  • Insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap
  • Make sure you have moved all tender plants into greenhouse for winter
  • Regularly check for pests
  • Water indoor spring flowering bulbs, making sure the soil is always damp
  • Wash out any empty pots and trays, storing them in the greenhouse
  • Monitor greenhouse temperature and turn on heating if needed
Monitor greenhouse temperature and turn on heating if needed – Photo by Annie Spratt

November Garden Maintenance

  • Clear up fallen leaves, especially around lawns, ponds and garden beds
  • Put out bird food to attract winter birds to the garden
  • If allowed – make a bonfire to dispose of excess debris
  • Provide additional shelter and food for wildlife
  • Repair any fences once the foliage surrounding them has become free of foliage
  • Remove pond pumps and fountains to prevent ice damage
  • Move garden furniture indoors or put waterproof covers over furiture that cannot be moved
  • Edge your lawn once garden beds are clear to neaten and tidy the garden
Provide additional shelter and food for wildlife – Photo by Robin Edqvist

Caring for Houseplants in November

  • Decrease watering
  • Move plants to sunnier areas, such as windowsills
  • Slow down fertilising (but don’t stop suddenly)
  • Trim dry, yellowing leaves
  • Prune overgrown vines and stems
  • Don’t repot – this could cause them to go into shock
  • Check for pests
  • Remove unwanted plants
  • Try to keep houseplants warm, wrap pots in bubble wrap if needed
  • Give extra humidity to combat the drying caused by central heating
  • Pay attention to temperature 

November Planning

  • Order spring flowering bulbs
  • Order hedging and shrubs
  • Write a list of larger jobs that need to be done whilst most plants are dormant or have died back
  • Consider revamping your garden and looking at how to incorporate a different garden style
  • Check out our garden style articles to get some inspiration for the future

Download our November Gardening Jobs Booklet

We hope you found this list of November gardening jobs helpful. Please download our booklet to print out and keep for future years.


When starting in any garden it is always important to understand the unique conditions of your garden space. No two gardens are identical, with every garden having its special microclimates, soil, and growing conditions. All our guides and information are provided as general guides, and garden owners need to do their own research for each and every plant before planting. We cannot accept responsibility for plant establishment and survival in individual gardens.

Updated on July 24, 2023

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