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The Art of Feeding Venus Fly Traps: Dos and Don’ts

Venus Fly Traps are carnivorous plants that originate from North and South Carolina. They are unique plants with gorgeous white flowers. While we already have a full care guide on these plants, this article will be a more in-depth guide to feeding Venus Fly Traps.

How important is it to feed this plant?

Feeding your Venus Fly Trap will lead to faster, healthier growth. However, it’s more important to first take care of the basic needs of the plant. Focus on the light and water it’s receiving, as well as the type of pot and soil it is in. Click here for some specifics on caring for your Venus Fly Trap. Once you’ve got all of these factors right, you can think about feeding your plant to boost its growth.

How to feed your Venus Fly Trap


1. Remember that your plant will have natural prey from flies and other bugs in your house.

2. Feed your Venus Fly Trap every 2-4 weeks in the spring and summer.

3. Use insects like flies and spiders to feed your plant.

4. Bring insects from other rooms in the house that are unlikely to make it to the plant.

5. If there isn’t enough natural prey around your house, buy substitutes like bloodworms or crickets. The size of the bugs you buy will depend on the size of your Venus Fly Trap.


1. Don’t feed your Venus Fly Trap anything that it wouldn’t naturally eat – just insects.

2. Don’t use a regular houseplant fertiliser for this plant. They don’t need their soil to be rich in nutrients because they get enough from the bugs that they eat.

3. Don’t close the trap yourself. It has ‘trigger hairs’ that are stimulated by moving bugs and spark the trap to close. You can trigger the hairs yourself with something very small if you’re feeding a dead insect to the plant.

4. Don’t feed it anything too big for it to digest. A Venus Fly Trap can digest plants roughly a third of the size of the trap. Giving it a bug bigger than this can cause that trap to die off as it won’t be able to digest the meal.

5. Don’t feed your Venus Fly Trap outside of the growing season. It won’t need nutrients to be growing in the colder months.

Updated on December 14, 2023

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