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The Cultivation of Shiitake Mushrooms

This set contains a plastic bag with a substrate of sawdust. If you see any white-brown bumpy growths, these indicate early mushroom fruition. These bumps will later become the shiitake mushrooms.


Remove the contents of the plastic bag. Place the container in a light position at a temperature of +15’C, but not in direct sunlight.

Wait until 50% of the surface has turned brown. During this time, keep the set covered with the transparent lid.

Immerse the substrate in a bucket filled with cold tap water for approximately 24 hours. Lay a heavy object on top of the substrate to keep it underwater. Please note: if the mushrooms are already growing, you may skip the immersion step.

Remove from water and place into the plastic tray. Make sure that the surface NEVER dries out. Moisten at least once a day with a plant sprayer (keep moist but not too wet).


The harvest period is around one week, and the fully grown mushrooms have a cap diameter of 4-8cm.

After a harvest, let the set rest for at least 15 days. During this rest period, take the set from the window sill and keep it in a place which is neither too dry nor too hot (a garage or garden shed).

After this period, repeat the cycle for another mushroom crop. The second harvesting period arrives after 5-10 days. During a period of maximum 6 months, you may have 5 to 8 harvests.

Updated on January 5, 2023

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