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Top Tips on Keeping a Blue Spruce Tree Blue

The beautiful blue colour of blue spruce needles is due to the presence of special waxes on the needles that reflect wavelengths of light. These waxes cause the tree’s branches and leaves to appear blue, giving them their characteristic appearance. Neither the amount of wax nor the blue colour is uniform across the species. The amount of wax and the blue colour of a needle are temperature-sensitive; at lower temperatures, needles have less wax and a bluer colour, while at higher temperatures the needles have more wax and a darker, almost green, colour. 

Why is the Blue Spruce Turning Green?

If your blue spruces aren’t blue enough, it might be because of a few factors. This includes the way the tree produces wax on its needles (which gives it the blue colour) in the spring and summer, how long the wax lasts, and how weather affects it. Poor nutrition may also play a role in lessening the blueness of your tree. If that’s not causing the issue, then you may need to look into other factors like location (if you live in an area with low sunlight), temperature swings, or over-watering. The first step is figuring out what’s causing the problem so you can take steps to fix it!

What to do when your blue spruce is turning green

Now you know what blue spruce trees are like, what causes them to have a blue colour, and what can affect this blue colour. We can look at some simple steps to make your spruce appear bluer.

Firstly, make sure you are growing and caring for your blue spruces in the correct way. To grow a blue spruce tree successfully, be sure to plant it in an area with full sun and good soil drainage. Blue spruce trees need at least six hours of unfiltered sunlight each day to reach their full growth potential. A blue spruce tree can tolerate some shade, but planting in a low-light area can increase the potential for disease. Giving sufficient watering each week during the spring and summer will keep the tree healthy. Additionally, applying organic mulch around the base of the tree every two years will help provide needed nutrients.

While the waxy coating on your spruce is fairly stable and water-proof, it can be physically removed by heavy rains or consistent wind. Areas that receive less rain in the summer can allow this protective wax to last longer. Other factors, such as animal activity or wind gusts, can also remove the wax. To keep your tree’s coating intact, consider planting barriers to protect against these elements, or using repellents to help prevent damage.

Blue spruces need time to regain their blue colouring

It can be difficult to get your spruce trees to turn a blue colour, but patience is key. The colour will gradually start to return over time if you follow the instructions above. Excessive pruning, fertilizing and watering can sometimes have unintended consequences, so it’s important to be careful when meddling with your tree’s natural growth. If you allow your tree enough time, it may even produce more needles that are tinted blue!

It is possible to add fertilisers to provide your tree with extra nutrients and iron needed to restore its blue colour and wax coating. “If your blue spruce needs an all-around nutrient boost, we recommend the Shrub, Tree & Rose Compost by Compost King,” says The Express Newspaper gardening expert, Chris Bonnett.


It can be quite rewarding to grow a blue spruce Christmas tree, as they are magnificent and add the perfect pop of blue to your garden all year long. Blue spruce trees have some special care requirements, however – if they aren’t taken care of properly, it can lead them to change or lose their colour. This colour is caused by a wax coating the tree creates, meaning you can specifically try to increase its production in order to make your tree bluer! A few methods you can use to make your spruce bluer include adding iron fertilisers, monitoring its health, and having it in a location with full sun exposure. By doing this, you keep it healthy and allow it to create and maintain its wonderful blue colour.

Updated on November 20, 2023

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