March 2019 Gardening Express are upgrading their customer support system to streamline and speed-up query resolution.

During this upgrade some new methods of communication will appear and some previously available methods will appear differently.

On every single page of our website is an interactive Autobot located in the bottom right hand corner of a page. If you interact with the Autobot it will suggest answers to your questions. If none of the answers resolve your enquiry then you can create a support ticket through the Autobot. Although this is a very quick process for you to do you will receive a further auto-triggered email requesting further information. 

The more efficient way of raising a ticket is using the 'submit a ticket' link on our contact page. Here's an even quicker link to our support ticket form [click here].


The basic information we ALWAYS require when you raise a query is your order reference, and if you are requesting help in respect of damaged plants then we ALWAYS ask for photos (as we cannot see what you can see). You can save on yours and our time when submitting your query by also uploading photos of your plant(s) at issue.