Daisy is a very special robot that we are training to provide instant answers to our customers queries.

In the future we are hoping to roll out real time chat with real people too, but at the moment we are teaching Daisy to handle as many of the queries we receive as possible. 95% of all queries we receive are very simple ones that are solved by supplying you with very general information (such as delivery times, guarantee information etc) that can be often be found on the website, but often who has time to look for it?

Daisy can bring this information to you instantly, plus she also saves our support agents time with such queries so they can concentrate on others that require more specific answers.

We ask that if your answer is covered by general information that Daisy supplies that you refrain from sending in much the same question as a support ticket, as our support agents will only be able to advise you of the same answers and this will take their attention from more complex queries to solve. many thanks